Postnatal Doula Testimonials


"On the first day of working with her I noticed how she handled my babies both physically but more importantly by talking to them and acknowledging the babies all the time (just as I do) and I felt comforted by this that the babies would be very well looked after and nurtured in her care.

Janine just rolls up her sleeves and gets on with it from the minute she walks in the door (not before washing her hands and saying a big hello to the babies!).  She managed all tasks such as sterilising, feeds, bathing, laundry, light housework, ironing but still finds time to work with the babies on their development. Janine ensured we had a clean and happy home with two beautiful babies that were very happy.  

Janine has completely surpassed all our expectations and wishes. Her experience was the reason we wanted to work with her to ensure we had the best care for our premature twin boys. However, in addition to learning from Janine and to her helping us manage a busy home, she has allowed me the ability to take some much needed ‘me’ time and has made the early months of being new parents very enjoyable. 

She has a very gentle approach to things and is a calm and positive person. She tackled the tasks at hand but also found other things that needed doing without being asked."  Diane, Mummy to twins (2014)


"Janine was fabulous in the first few weeks of our newborn son; she had a very calming effect on me which was much needed with frazzled nerves, anxiety and hormones floating about abundantly. She got me through the days from one feed to the next when I thought that I could not do another minute of breastfeeding or caring for my baby. And I knew that while she was looking after my son I could try and get some sleep, safe in the knowledge that he was in good hands."    Claudia (2014)


"Janine loves helping people and really enjoys working with babies, even when they are challenging. Her organisational skills really shone through and often she was able to do a range of different tasks while looking after the baby! She was very sensitive to the needs I had as a mother and she used her knowledge to give an excellent advantage."   Rachel (2014)


"I was always impressed with Janine's efficiency and effectiveness at getting things done quickly and well. She has a lovely demeanour and style towards baby and has a calming effect. She is a warm, caring reliable and responsible person"  Janis (2015)

"Janine provided amazing support to me and my family following the birth of our second son. She arrived ready to respond to any of our needs, which included joining our eldest son in his rocket (downstairs bathroom) and flying to the moon (many, many times), suggesting I get my baby checked for tongue tie, which he has just got snipped and is really helping him, helping with our washing, cleaning our crazy kitchen and a myriad of other things. It has made a huge difference to me as a mum of two, just helping me find my stride." Lisa (2018)

"Janine came almost every weekday postnatally for several weeks. When I was exhausted she was able to take the baby while I had a much needed nap. She cooked us a family dinner and did light housework to keep the house tidy and organised. She made me a cup of tea and brought me water when I was breastfeeding, she was lovely company and offered lots of reassurance when it was needed. She threw together yummy nutritious light lunches. She is knowledgeable and had lots of good tips to help with feeding and caring for the baby. She is a genuine and caring person. I had no problem leaving the baby alone with her while I slept and felt he was in good hands. She was super helpful, used her initiative and I highly recommend her. The result was a happy family and contented baby."   Vicky (2017)

"It was so easy to establish a warm and trusting relationship with Janine. You could always tell the days she had been - I'd had eaten proper meals during the day, I'd had a nap, the washing was done and neatly folded, the kitchen tidy. It meant that I was calm and rested fetching my son from school and could spend time with him without feeling rushed and tired. She was also a great emotional support and her reassurance and advice was invaluable in the early days."  Melani (2016)

"We couldn’t recommend Janine highly enough! Her support, both practical and emotional, was invaluable IN THE FIRST few weeks after we returned home from a long hospital stay after the birth of our first baby. Her intuitive approach makes it so easy; she just knows what can best be done to help out and does it perfectly, with the added benefit of taking away some mental burden for a few precious hours. I particularly valued her professional knowledge and expertise in childcare which she shared in a way that made me feel confident and happy in my development as a first time mum. She even supported me in a trip to the GP to ensure I received treatment to help me breastfeed without pain, without which I may well have given up entirely. I am sad we no longer need her pleasant company, but know we are in a better place thanks to our very own Mary Poppins-esque doula!" Becca (2018)

"12 out of 10!! Janine is caring, well-informed, knowledgeable, calm, organised, punctual and all round fabulous!"    First-time Mummy, Godalming (2014)

"Always soothing, calm and practical, Janine saved our skins in numerous ways: from cooking for the in laws; to taking our son out for a walk so I could sleep; to washing, ironing and cleaning. Every day she ran to the supermarket for us and was always leant a kind ear to our naive early parenting queries. Everyone needs a doula like Janine!" Emma (2016)

"I really struggled for the first few weeks after having my first baby. I was sleep deprived, over anxious and miserable. I found it really overwhelming and was struggling to cope. Janine was a lifeline for me- she encouraged me, helped me with practical tasks and showed me how to be a mum and enjoy it. Her gentle and kind manner and her expertise as an ex-midwife made such a difference for our family."  Holly (2014)


"Having Janine support my wife and look after our two boys has taken away any worry I had of leaving my wife to manage on her own."  Gary, Daddy to twins (2014)


"Janine has proved to be an excellent doula for me and my family- her willingness to just get on with the job and also do a lot of things proactively without specific instructions has been a joy! Janine has used her quiet style to make my life so much easier!"  Sarah (2015)



"It has been such a pleasure to have Janine with us during the first few weeks of motherhood. I had a difficult start with breastfeeding, but with Janine's support and knowledge, my daughter is now fully breastfed and gaining weight nicely.

Janine is very supportive, caring and non-judgmental. She has played with my toddler son, helped a lot around the house, cooked some lovely family food and introduced us to baby wearing. My daughter loves being snuggled in the wrap.

I would highly recommend Janine to other families without hesitation and miss her here already!Anne (2016)