Why choose me as your postnatal doula?


I’m Janine Ebling, mum to our two secondary school age children, with 6 years previous experience working as a midwife locally in Guildford, Surrey and working as a postnatal doula since 2014. I love helping people and take a lot of satisfaction in making a positive difference to the experiences of a new family!

I am reliable, punctual, conscientious and quiet natured, and so will offer a gentle but supportive presence in your home without being overbearing. I will walk through those early days with you, holding your hand, supporting and enabling you to become the best mother you can be, getting your family off to a great start! I won’t impose any ideas or routines on you and your baby but will instead support you as you find your own way, and can make suggestions if you wish.


Being a postnatal doula fulfils my passion for supporting new mothers and babies, and draws on my many and varied experiences as a midwife and mother. I am therefore able to offer informed and sensitive care to your family in a unique manner. My midwifery training and my many years of doula experience mean I am able to spot if anything is not quite right, I know where to find the right help if needed and can reassure you when things are quite normal.

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I love to carry babies in slings if you are happy for me to do this. I’m very happy to help you to find a comfortable one for yourself too if you like. I also love to cook, so please give me plenty of opportunity to do this, and I’ll make you tasty meals plus extra for your freezer!

My ideal day at work is to carry a sleepy baby in a sling, whilst preparing a nutritious dinner and doing a few jobs in the house. Mummy takes a long rest upstairs, and comes down feeling refreshed, welcomed by the smell of good food, a content baby, and the laundry underway!

TESTIMONIAL SNIPPETS from various different families-

(full versions can be read on the testimonials tab)

"Janine just rolls up her sleeves and gets on with it from the minute she walks in the door...she has completely surpassed all our expectations and wishes"

"her reassurance and advice was invaluable in the early days"

"she encouraged me, helped me with practical tasks and showed me how to be a mum and enjoy it"

"You could always tell the days she had been- I'd eaten proper meals during the day, I'd had a nap, the washing was done and neatly folded, the kitchen tidy. It meant that I was calm and rested"

"she had a very calming effect on me"

"having Janine support my wife and look after our twin boys has taken away any worry I had of leaving my wife to manage on her own"

"she has a real intuitive approach"

"I would highly recommend Janine to other families without hesitation and miss her here already!”